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There are many ways you can help us bring computer and education access to refugees. Here are the three we need the most:

Laptop Charger 2

For the price of a meal, you can help keep the program running for a day.

This generous donation is just what we need to provide services for one student for one week.

Digital skills for regugee women One Dig

For this amount, we can fund a student's entire journey and help them achieve success.

It's best practice to teach technology with a little electricity. Financial donations help us keep the lights on, the monitors lit, and the students learning! Any amount helps but here are a few helpful suggestions.

*Check the Monthly Giving box to support us year-round*


We need all kinds of odds and ends to keep the computer lab up and running. Feel free to also contact us directly if you have something you would like to mail or drop off to us!

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