We Teach to Empower.

The world is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II.  As marginalized and disadvantaged persons are persecuted, they are forced to seek shelter in safe countries where they often do not speak the language, have skills to join the labor market or have the support of their friends and family.


One Digital World seeks to reduce global inequality by connecting refugees worldwide with computers and essential education to prepare them for integration into new countries and cultures.  We do this by setting up computer labs inside refugee camps and migrant shelters and teaching our curriculum which aligns with UNESCO framework to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Graduates may earn certifications from Typing.com, Microsoft, and Continuing Education credit from the University of San Diego.

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Our Team

Casey Myers, Founder & Executive Director

Passionate about human rights and education, her work in European refugee camps inspired Casey to use technology to empower self-reliance and connection.

Magdalena Buchwald, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Originally from Germany, Magdalena experienced the European refugee crisis there and feels motivated to do her part to help forcibly displaced families.

Melanie Stanek, Content & Blog

Lifelong learner, teacher, and musician with a passion for human rights, educational equity, and the arts.

Arthur Peirce, Content & Blog

Passionate about refugee education and as a consequence, became enamored with One Digital World's mission.

Erica Wright, Monitoring &

Evaluation Data Analyst

Helps organizations doing good in the world measure what matters. 

Devon Doane, Videographer/

Video Editor

Enjoys being able to use his talents to help causes such as One Digital World create video content to spread the word of refugee empowerment through education.

Dennis Shaughnessy, Teacher

Believes in teaching English in an authentic and individual manner such as using the GED for language learning while simultaneously accomplishing a desired goal.

Mike Clodfelter, Monitoring &

Evaluation Data Analyst

Always looking for ways to make an impact on firms’ growth opportunities and to make positive lasting improvements through data-based decision tools.

Bing Rethy, Social Media Marketing Intern

BA/MIA Candidate focusing on International Development and Nonprofit Management. In her free time she likes to hang out and explore new foods and places with friends.

Rene Mendes, IT, Coordinator

Provides the technological assistance needed to provide digital education to displaced individuals and families.

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