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The world is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II.  As marginalized and disadvantaged persons are persecuted, they are forced to seek shelter in safe countries where they often do not speak the language, have skills to join the labor market or have the support of their friends and family.


One Digital World seeks to reduce global inequality by connecting refugees worldwide with computers and essential education to prepare them for integration into new countries and cultures.  We do this by setting up computer labs inside refugee camps and migrant shelters and teaching our curriculum which aligns with UNESCO framework to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Graduates may earn certifications from Typing.com, Microsoft, and Continuing Education credit from the University of San Diego.

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Our Team
Casey Myers
Founder & Executive Director
BA Psychology & Social Work, San Diego State University
MA Social Innovation, University of San Diego


Casey Myers is Founder and Executive Director of One Digital World. After spending 15 years working as an instructor, counselor, and manager in educational settings, Casey traveled the world to learn about education abroad.  She sold everything she could not fit in a backpack and traveled through over 50 countries learning languages, experiencing cultures, and volunteering in schools.

One Digital World's origins can be traced to Lesvos, Greece, the heart of the refugee crisis in 2016 where she developed multiple programs for children and adults living in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp.  It was because of her relationships with these students she led a computer lab project to help open their opportunities to employment.

Jessica Blandón
Operations Manager
BA Journalism & Spanish, University of Missouri - Columbia
MA Peace & Justice, University of San Diego

Jessica Blandón is Operations Manager of One Digital World. Before moving to San Diego, Jessica spent nearly three years serving as an education volunteer in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. While she studied Latin America in college, during her time in Nicaragua, she fell in love with Central America. Just one month after finishing her Peace Corps service, political turmoil erupted in Nicaragua creating a wave of refugees fleeing the country.


Jessica graduated with a Master in Peace and Justice from the University of San Diego in May 2020. Her masters' work focused on immigration and asylum, leading her to work with One Digital World.

Mike Clodfelter
Monitoring & Evaluation Data Analyst
BS Business Management, San Diego State University
MBA Candidate - Data Analytics & Marketing, Fowler College of Business

Mike Clodfelter is the Monitoring and Evaluation Data Analyst for One Digital World.  Mike has ten years of experience in the private sector in working with international companies in positions of business development and analytics.  During this time, he has always sought out ways to make an impact on the firms’ growth opportunities and find ways to make positive lasting improvements through data-based decision tools.  

Mike is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Data Analytics and Marketing from the Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University.  His focus on Analytics and long-time friendship with Casey, along with continual desire to improve opportunities for others and interest in international relations, has brought him to work with One Digital World.  His business background and analytical experience have helped One Digital World refine objectives and produce trackable performance metrics.

Kendahl Kelly
Development Intern
BA Political Science
MA Peace and Justice, University of San Diego
Candidate MSc Public Policy, University of Southern Denmark

Kendahl’s interest in refugee issues intensified in 2015 when Syrian refugees came to Denmark and were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserved. Her BA in political science focused on that issue. In 2020, she graduated with her MA in Peace and Justice. She focused her studies and work on the criminal justice system and immigration. 

During her time living in San Diego, she had a chance to work at the Trans-Border Institute and experience the border region. Especially meeting deportees and getting a chance to hear and write their stories have had a lasting impact. She currently lives in Denmark, where she is studying public policy. 

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