There are over 79.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide; this is the largest refugee crisis in modern history, surpassing even World War II. Even though the United States leads the world in refugee resettlement capacity. It still takes an average of 7 years for a refugee to become self-sufficient, causing stress for both those who are resettled and the communities that welcome them.


One Digital World empowers refugees and asylum seekers worldwide by using technology to connect them with education and equipment essential to integration and self-reliance in a new country and culture.  We do this by setting up computer labs inside refugee camps and migrant shelters and teaching our curriculum which aligns with UNESCO framework to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Graduates may earn certifications from Typing.com and Microsoft.

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Our Team
Casey Myers - ODW Founder & Executive Director

Casey Myers, Founder & Executive Director

Her work in European refugee camps inspired Casey to use technology to empower self-reliance and connection. 

Masters in Social Innovation focused on Human Rights from University of San Diego

Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Social Work from San Diego State University

Magdalena Buchwald, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Originally from Germany, Magdalena experienced the European refugee crisis there and feels motivated to do her part to help forcibly displaced families.

Melanie Stanek - Blog&Content

Melanie Stanek, Content & Blog

Served in Peace Corps in Madagascar and Israel teaching English.  Masters in Peace and Justice Candidate at University of San Diego

Claudia Ochoa, Instructor & Executive Intern

Originally from Mexico, she is a passionate teacher and human rights advocate. Currently studying a Masters in Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego.

Marisa Perez, Instructor

Current UCSD undergraduate student majoring in Sociology and Political Science, with a passion for migrant rights and sharing knowledge.

Devon - ODW Volunteer
Erica Wright - ODW Volunteer

Erica Wright, Monitoring &

Evaluation Data Analyst

Helps organizations doing good in the world measure what matters. 

Mike Clodfelter, Monitoring &

Evaluation Data Analyst

Masters in Business Administration from San Diego State University. Focused on using his skill to change the world and help those in need. Avid bike rider and organic gardener.

Thiare Mancilla-Gripka, Instructor

Originally from Chile, Thiare has developed her college education at Missouri State University to become a teacher. Her goal is to help students through computer literacy as well as an ESL classes.

Devon - ODW Volunteer

Devon Doane, Videographer / Video Editor

Volunteered at refugee camp in Greece. Associate Producer at KUSI News. Film student at San Diego City College. Devon believes stories need to be told.

Rene Mendes, IT, Coordinator

Inspired by his Mexican family members to use his software and hardware knowledge to benefit asylum seekers in Mexico.

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